October 13, 2020

Liverpool’s first pop-up cycling lane route planner.


Liverpool John Moores University is working in partnership with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, helping cyclists to plan a cycling-friendly journey across the city region. If you’re cycling for pleasure or commuting this free app will help you find the best route.

LJMU Sud team led by Dr Trung Thanh Nguyen are in the final stages of developing a route planning app for the Liverpool city region. This simple-to-use app detects your current location and with just a tap of the finger on the map, you can select your final destination. You can add up to twenty waypoints on a single journey and it will even calculate the distance and the estimated length of time it would take an average cyclist.

A snapshot of the LJMU pop up cycling planner for the Liverpool city region.

Once you have selected your journey the quietest route that is deemed most suitable for cyclists will be calculated, this includes the new pop-up cycle lanes as they are completed along with new and existing cycling infrastructure across the region.

In addition, the app will display data from motion and weather sensors installed across the region, enabling users to choose quiet times to cycle and be aware of weather conditions on their routes.

The app is due to be released imminently and will be available on iOS and Android.

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