Smart Green Things Products

Smart Green Sensors -Real time data from IoT enabled sensors for air quality, weather and motion across the city region to monitor and encourage active travel.

Smart Green Dashboard – A dashboard to collate the live data from IOT sensors across the city region. Capturing information regarding air quality, weather and motion within each of the six boroughs across the region.

Popup Cycling planner- A response to Covid 19, a route planning app that incorporates the new pop up cycling lanes network to enhance the investment made by Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

Smart Green Journeys– A route planner for cyclists and walkers to encourage active travel. The app allows the user to plan safe, direct routes for leisure or commuting using the latest information on newly created cycling and walking infrastructure. Our live sensors give up to date information on weather and road usage in the area so that users can determine the peak times and most popular routes.

To view the number of pedestrians, cyclists and sensors in each region for January 2021 click on the link LCR Active travel statistics