March 11, 2021

Smart Green Journey mobile app Coming soon!

Smart Green Journey

Smart Green Journey mobile app to be launched soon. Using our real time sensors along the designated Sud routes the mobile app gives the user access to data such as weather and urban activity. You can plan a journey, save a journey and track your activity against your goals. The app will give you a summary of Km travelled along with the amount of Co2 and money you have saved by using this method of travel.

Features include:-

 Tracking your own activity and setting personal goals
 Planning a route that can include the emergency pop up bike lanes across the city region.
 Planning a cycling route with points of interest such as bicycle parking.
 View your active travel activity and goals over time with a progress update over the last 30 days.
 GPS to identify location and help you plan and follow a planned route.
 Saves favourite locations and your favourite journeys.
 Plot a journey with up to 5 waypoints using either placing marker on the map or by postcode
and get the details you need including distance and elevation profiles.
 Receive latest updates Informing of new cycling and walking infrastructure and routes.

 Record your activity against your goal.